About Us

We're Jim and Jessica...and we love to ride! Our Michigan based company was conceived to meet the necessity for cool, high quality après cycling apparel that cyclists will enjoy wearing. A simple expressive design and logo that embodies that which is important to every cyclist, no matter a mountain biker, a road racer or a leisure cyclist:  It’s all about the Engine.  Feed the Engine.  Respect the Engine.  Enjoy the bike.

Feed the Engine Apparel was Jim’s idea. Ironically, he was driving down the road (thinking about cycling and what to name the company). As an avid cyclist, the aspect of cycling that enthralls him the most is being the engine. He had written a post on his blog about using food as fuel. Thus, Feed the Engine Apparel was born. As a clarification, Respect the Engine was added to the trademark because we are the engine and we need to respect that. He powers the bike by what he eats, how he rides.

Jessica loved the name for other reasons as well: The Engine, as something that effects a purpose or produces a result can be physical, mental, and spiritual. We have the need to Feed the Engine: our bodies- for nourishment to convert that power to motion; our minds- fed by dreams, desires, knowledge and conversations; our spirit- fed by prayer, meditation, relationships. All of these are fed on and off the bike and it’s our responsibility to Feed and Respect the Engine.  

We welcome your comments or questions about Feed the Engine Apparel! Please contact us at feedtheengineapparel@gmail.com.