25MPB* - *Miles Per Banana V-Neck Cotton Tee

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Have you considered how far you can go on one banana...I was writing a post for my blog (https://fitrecovery.wordpress.com/) one day and found the calorie equivalent of a gallon of gas (about 31,000 calories). Last I cheked, I burn between 354 and 735 calories per mile. (Yes, that's quite a jump...sometimes I'm riding with my family, wife, the club, the guys, or by myself). I'm relativley fast, so when I'm on my race bike doing 20mph, I get the equivalent of 843mpg (1,313mpg at 15mph!) Taking all of this in to account I can (and did) ride a century, at 20mph, on 4 bananas. Thus, this shirt!

White on Black

Sizing (Chest): S-36, M-40, L- 44, XL-48, 2X-52 

100% ring spun cotton pre-shrunk jersey knit